HAMS being a society promoting the Indian art and culture imparts quality education and training in the subjects of Indian Classical Music including Carnatic Music (Vocal & Instrumental), Classical Dances (e.g. Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Odissi) and Fine Arts (Painting, Recitation). It recognizes the importance of community resources and therefore aims to provide societal sustainability to the community. HAMS envisions that its aim of reviving the status of Indian art and culture would be enhanced through the support provided to the economically, socially and psychologically backward people of the community.



The CSR activity of HAMS is initiated for 3 groups of people. It is targeted at

The Slum children.
The physically disabled children.
The economically backward young talents artiste.



HAMS endeavors to promote an all round development of the physically handicapped as well as socially! backward students such as the slum dwellers through the means of vocational education and training of music and other forms of art. A special interest in the well being and the recreation facility for such children are assisted by HAMS both physically and psychologically. HAMS also embeds the path for* financially disabled but talented young minds to step forward towards success in the field of art and culture through every means of assistance. It provides instruments to such talented students who are economically deprived.



The CSR activity by HAMS is undertaken in the entire India supporting the economically, physically and socially unprivileged students through the means of vocational education and training in the field of Indian art and culture.