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Curzon Gate  
Curzon Gate
The majestic Curzon Gate, now known as Vijay Toran, was erected in 1903 by the king of Burdwan Maharaja Bijoy Chand Mahatab in Lord Curzon’s honour. The Royal Palace is situated one km from the gate. Distance from railway station is about one km
Curzon Gate  
108 Shiva Mandirs
In 1789, Rani Bishnukumari ordered 108 Shiva Mandirs to be built in the lines of typical mud huts of Bengal. During Shivratri, a huge fair is held here. Distance from railway station is about four km.
Curzon Gate  
Meghnad Saha Planetarium
Within the University grounds is the Meghnad Saha Planetarium, built with the help of Japanese government. Although the seating capacity is quite low, it boasts of the latest technology instruments used for the show. It was opened in 1994. Regular shows are conducted here.
Curzon Gate  
The Golap Bag, or the Garden of Rose, of Bardhaman, is a favourite tourist haunt. It is the Botanical and Zoological garden eastablished by the King Bijoy Chand Mahatab in 1884. Famous botanist Dalton Hooker came here and listed 128 types of trees. At present there are numerous mango, casuarina, eucalyptus, jaam and shimul trees in the garden. The University of Bardhaman also takes classes in the complex. Distance from railway station is about two and half km.
Curzon Gate  
The Science Centre of Burdwan
The Science Centre of Burdwan provides a lot of information on science. The game of moving balloons,balls, the magic of chemistry, the secret behind flying objects and others are displayed here.In addition,discussion sessions and computer trainings are also organised. The Science Centre is a product of the joint effort by the Central Government, Government of West Bengal and the University of Burdwan.
Curzon Gate  
Deer Park
Deer Park is another important piece of attraction of the city and it houses birds, quite a number of deer and two tigers in the sanctuary. The grave of Bijoy Chand Mahatab, ‘Bijoybahar’ is situated at the end of the reserve forest.
Curzon Gate  
Rajbati or Mahatabmanjil was built by Mahatab Chand Bahadur in 1851. The entire architectural outlook is extraordinary to look at. Presently, it houses the administrative office of Burdwan University. Maharajdhiraj Uday Chand Women’s College and the settlement office are also adjacent to this building.
Curzon Gate  
Kankaleswar Kali Mandir
The statue of Goddess Kali in the temple is engraved in stone and every bone of the body is quite visible, hence the name Kankaleswari. The statue has eight hands and is garlanded with statues of human heads.Goddess Kali has a trident in her hand and the whole statue is uneven in shape. The construction of this temple is influenced by ‘tantra’ and the history of this statue is still unknown. The temple is decorated with terracotta panels.
Curzon Gate  
Krishnasayar was built as a big lake in 1691 by the then king of Bardhaman, covering a total area of 33 acres. Earlier, there was a big bank surrounding the lake which is now present in bits and pieces. Krishnasayar has now been developed into a park and is very popular for boating and sightseeing.
Curzon Gate  
Bardhamaneswar is a big statue of Lord Shiva which was most probably built during the 12th century. It is said that this statue has a height which is unrivalled in the entire state.The perimeter of the ‘Gouripatta’ is some 18 feet and the statue was first discovered Bikharibagan in Alamganj while digging in 1973. A large number of devotees visit the site not only during the occasion of Shivaratri but also throughout the year to worship Lord Shiva.
Curzon Gate  
Devi Sarbamangla Temple
Devi Sarbamangla Temple was built sometime during the end of the 18th century and it has a unique architecture consisting of three layers. The second layer of the temple has four chariots, whereas, the third layer has five chariots.The statue in this temple is made of touchstone. There are finger-made symbols or weapons in the eighteen hands of the statue of Devi. This temple attracts huge number of devotees during Durga Puja and the first day of Baishakh.
Curzon Gate  
Puratan Chawk
Baharam, the Parsi sultan carried on his duty of water giving by the side of the road to fulfil the instructions of his ‘guru’ for twelve years after which, he came to be regarded as a ‘Sufi Pir’ and called by the name of Sakka at Pir Baharam.The emperor of Delhi, Akbar, was inspired by him and established him at ‘Puratan Chawk’ of Bardhaman. This holy ‘majar’ is covered with a sheet made of gold.
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