Bharat Sanskriti Utsab is a festival and a talent search programme in the field of Indian art and culture, Indian classical music and folk song. It was started in 2009, in Burdwan Town, West Bengal.This festival is organized by Antara Sangit Vidyalaya & Hindusthan Art & Music Society every year in the month of September.This is actually a big competition on the field of Indian Classical music, Folk Music,Dance, Drama and Instrument.Competion is held among the participants from primary level to senior level coming from every corner of India.Participants, those who qualify are not only awarded with money and memento but also get chance in different festivals both in India and abroad.The Judges who select the talented participants are eminent personalities in the field of Art and Music.This festival is gradually going to be a very popular cultural programme in West Bengal and is drawing thousands of audiences every year.

Our Activities

Our organization dedicated to promoting, preserving and presenting the Indian traditional arts and culture through the following programme of work:

1. Support and nurture young talents from the fields of arts, crafts and museum through Awards and Fellowships

2. Host residency programmes as a way of supporting and helping artists, writers, scholars and creative individuals to strengthen their practice

3. Increase the appreciation of Indian traditional crafts among public through the collections at the Museum of Everyday Arts of India, Museum of Indian Terracotta and the Museum of Indian Textiles

4. To develop and nurture appreciation of Indian arts and crafts through the educational programmes, cultural orientation programme and outreach activities for children and young people